Sunday, August 31, 2014


A lot of publishing news going on. In Blog We Trust has been acquired by Black Opal Books! Before the contract ran out with the former publisher, In Blog We Trust won an e-festival of words award for best twist, tying for first with Lisa Regan's Finding Claire Fletcher. Look for updated version to be out some time next year.

Also on the horizon is XXXtreme Discretion, from Black Opal Books. XXXtreme Discretion will put a scare into online daters, that's for sure. Wicked, raw, and as twisty as they come, XXXtreme discretion is intense.

MuseItup publishing is working on a paperback version of 12:19, a good versus evil story that will keep you guessing. Available now in e-book form, you can check out some of the reviews here.

But it doesn't end there. Black Opal has picked up The Hanging Tree as well. A historical, Civil War era ghost story, The Hanging Tree tells the story of two families of different races and the struggles they face heading into the Twentieth Century. 

And finally, in October, The Secrets of Hallow, a Halloween tale for younger readers as well as older ones alike, will be available in e-book format from MuseItup Publishing. It's the history of Halloween like you've never heard it before!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

On the water

(That is not me on the knee board! Not my cup of tea!!!!)
Tubing is more my speed!

When you can occasionally afford to buy gas, life can be good!

Friday, April 4, 2014

My new novel, XXXTreme Discretion has been acquired by Black Opal Books!

                                                      XXXTreme Discretion

Psychological thriller XXXtreme Discretion shows us just how dangerous the world of casual internet dating can be. Non-stop suspense, a touch of supernatural involvement and unexpected twists every step of the way. A shocking, raw, and powerful juggernaut that puts a new twist on common abduction tales.
In the dictionary, under the definition of the word ‘psychopath,’ there should be a picture of Dwight Barnes, a self-made business man whose success was born out of his twisted desire to fulfill a secret promise to a lost loved one.
When Roxbury, New Jersey detectives, Monica Ross and Mike D’Tavio, discover their case involving a missing woman might be linked to three others in the nearby area, all traceable to a casual affair dating site known as XXXtreme Discretion, they try fitting the puzzle pieces together…one body at a time.
I'll have more information for you soon! Thanks again for stopping by!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


If anyone of my old blogging buddies would like to look me up on facebook, send me a friend request. Michael Infinito Jr.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reindeer Games








Saturday, August 10, 2013

Okay, since I'm obviously not going to get 50 comments on my book giveaway, I've changed it to twenty five. lol

The first twenty-five comments(not including my own) over HERE will be in the running to receive a signed copy of IN BLOG WE TRUST!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Book giveaway.

The first fifty comments over HERE will be in the running to receive a signed copy of IN BLOG WE TRUST!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What were you blogging about four years ago today?

I laughed when I read this today. This is my post from exactly four years ago...comments included. lol

Aloha Friday

It is Aloha Friday, once again, a chance for me to take it easy and not think too much, but as you know, I can't really take it easy, because it is just not me to ask you what your favorite brand of peanut butter! For details on Aloha Friday, visit An Island Life!

I could not decide on one question, so I have two, answer one or both, or none, your choice!




♥ Braja said...
Wait a minute....Aloha Friday?? You made that up, didn't you? WTH??!

Snakes. I'd leave the snakes.
(with all the people who I think could use a bite or two....:))
♥ Braja said...
Actually I know some people who are LIKE snakes. I'd leave them.
♥ Braja said...
Damn, Otin, I have never said this before to anyone, but I hit your site and Sarah McLachlan was singing that song from the Angel movie....must be my favorite ever it.

OK if I don't stop commenting, why, someone will think i'm on CAFFEINE!!
Baino said...
Yeh I'd like my parents well enough. Which two creatures would I leave behind? Since you've barred mosquitor - Rats! What possible use are they, big noisy pooey smelly thieves. Nothing eats them - true, even snakes won't eat wild ones just the nice little home bred pink jobs. Aloha to you and have a great weekend!
Drahdrah said...
I would not be friends with my parents if we were not related. I'd leave the skunks behind.
Sarah said...
I would leave porcuppines behind...walk up on one of those accidentally and they have NO problem blasting you (no, it's never happened to me). Also, I would TOTALLY be friends with my parents! My dad is the funniest guy I know (even to strangers) and my Mom is sweet to the point of annoying most times. Good questions...happy that you approved of my Vlog :)
Eternally Distracted said...
Hmmm - I would leave behind gheccos - Only because the hysterical woman who is staying in my house has just called cying and saying ''I can't stand it, I'm a city girl'!! ... WELL, leave the bloody desert then!

I'd have been best friends with my Mum and I may have chatted to my Dad - Sometimes (maybe he wouldn't moan so much if I wasn't his daughter!!)
Candie Bracci said...
Why no insects??I'd live all insects,my first choice.But then,I would live crocodiles or sharks or then again squid(giant squids freaky!)and jellyfish(jellybitch)!
Don't tell would leave your cat behind?lol

As for the second question,hum..I guess yes,they are not too bad,but I wouldn't see them too often,just as now,lol.

Have a nice day and whoot yourself!:)
Candie Bracci said...
live=leave bloody french!
Jaime said...
skunks. who wants THAT smell on the ark?
Brian Miller said...
think i would get along with my parents. if you would have asked me 20 years ago, different story. amazing how that changes.

think i am with jaime on this one. one mis would get ugly.
Mum Gone Mad said...
Spiders... not insects arachnids :) and as to the parents question, best not answer that one. Just popping in via Eternally Distracted. Have a good weekend luv Karen x
Gaston Studio said...
Definitely rats!

And no, I would not like my parents, either one of them.
Hit 40 said...
I feel like a rhyme here with Jane. But... definitely bats. The little suckers freak me out. I am always worried that they will get tangled up in my hair.

And OMG!! If Jane can diss her parents, so can I!!! No I would not be friends with them. I feel horrible about this comment. They are not nice people.

And... This is really bizarre. I kinda like the smell of skunks. I would keep them.
I am Harriet said...
Maybe man? It's too early for me to think :)
Wait- why not insects? Frogs can easily find something else...
Ave said...
I'd leave the snakes.
Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...
Can I pick two? I'd leave the rats and snakes thankyouverymuch. :)

I'd probably be friends to a limited degree with my parents - they've mellowed out over the years... ;)
Mango Girl said...
Hit40 likes skunks? I know where to send the baby one that lives across the street...

With that, I will agree with many others and leave the skunks behind.

Parents? Absolutely not! They are terrible people. Truly.
AudreyO said...
I would be friends with my mom, but probably not my dad :(

As for the animals, wow, that's tough. I'd have to say alligators.
rxBambi said...
very uncool that we can't pick insects cuz I hate anything that buzzes my head. Wasps, bees, hornets... no thank you. So if I can't pick them I guess I'd have to pick.... ummmm.... sloths? I mean what do they really do besides lounge around like couch potatos.

My parents? Well now that I'm in my early-to-mid-to-late 30s I have to say yes. I would totally like them. My mom at 83 is (and I quote her here) an "outrageous older woman" and my dad, unfortunately he's gone now but he was a lot of fun -- loved to travel, liked planes, trains, fast cars, etc not to mention his martini before dinner, wine with dinner, and port after dinner. So yes, I'd be friends with them. But if you'd asked 20 years ago I'd have said 'ummm NO!'
darsden said...
I have to agree with Braja, snakes are the devil himself! NO Snakes!

I would be friends with one of them ;-)
Jeremy said...
I'd be ok without snakes and skunks. :)
sues2u2 said...
I'm dieing here that I can't leave behind insects. Have you Ever seen a tarantula wasp? Think about a wasp the size of a hummingbird & then tell me no! lol & oh, what about killer bees? Piss those babies off & there's not many places on an ark to hide!

Okay,okay. Gotta go w/ the snakes. Some of those guys could swallow a baby whole!

And yes, I probably would be as close to my parents. My mom is pretty nice & my dad is the best. Hubby's mom? Absolutely not!!!
Elle said...
The mule. Mules are the offspring of a donkey and a horse and are almost always sterile. So leaving them behind would not wipeout the species. I would not be friends with my parents. Mom is nutty as a fruitcake, and it is rubbing off on my Dad.
blueviolet said...
Ya stink! How did you know I would pick an insect?

Alright...let's leave out the rat. What good are those anyhow?

As for my parents, let's establish the fact that I love them to pieces, ok?

My mom: HELL no
My dad: You bet (RIP)
Tara said...
LOL well first of all Snakes!!!

Second of all.. yah I think I would be friends with my parents! lol They seem to find friends in everyone!
Betsy said...
How about leaving the moles behind. Would anybody miss them?

No, unfortunatley, the parents have disowned me....even while we are related!
Ice Queen said...
I would leave behind a pair of birds. I have an irrational fear of them. I'm not sure what kind. I guess whichever two were pissing me off at the time...probably geese.

Funny you ask about the parents. I like my mom and I don't like my dad. If they weren't my parents I would probably like my dad but not my mom. Interesting how things work out like that.
Chris@Maugeritaville said...
1. Cats. It's no contest.

2. Of course! My parents are terrific. We'd hang out all the time, and I wouldn't be as uncomfortable if they saw me drunk.
Hit 40 said...
Chris - You said that to just pick on me!!! LOL
Becca said...
I would probably leave the hyenas here.

I think my parents are awesome people and I do consider them to be friends and parents. I obviously wouldn't spend as much time with them tho if we weren't related.
willow said...
Friends?! Are you kidding? My parents haven't spoken to me for years and years.
Erica said...
interesting questions I guess for the first one I would say the alligators i dont know why really

and for #2 if you asked when I was a teen then i would have probably said no about liking my parents but now hands down my mom is one of my best friends and is definitely a keeper.
Ms. Salti said...
I'd leave behind something mean, like the snakes, or the wild boars, or something of the sort.

As for the parents, I'd probably be scared of my dad... he's a bit intimidating!
Pastor Sharon said...
I would leave the snakes!!!!!! NO Question!!!!

OMG!!!!! Hash Pipe by Weezer!!!! I remember my son helping me memorize those lyrics so I could help back up his garage band a couple years ago!!!! Now there's a memory!

I would totally wish to have my mother as close in my life as she was before. I think I could get along with my Dad. . . . but I'm not sure. . . 20 yrs ago, when he died, I didn't have a thing to say to him.
That sounds horrible. . .but hey, everyone has a past right>!@!
Hit 40 said...
I know this is Otin's blog .... but Sharon - I need to see video of you playing Weezer.
Magic City College Girl said...
i dont know what animals i would leave behind. i might be friends with my dad. he is a nice guy. my mom, mostly likely not, shes controlling and annoying.
ReformingGeek said...
I'd leave behind the deer. I'd like to see what animal gets hunted without the deer being around. ;-)
Skye said...
I most certainly would not be friends with my parents, as it is, even related I'm not friends with them!

Hmmm, what animal would I leave behind? I think Dolphins, simply because they survive very well as marine mammals :D

(yes I can be a smartass

By the way, Aloha and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for following my blog, I hadn't seen you around before, you have an interesting blog you know!
Maggie said...
Hello there, your Blog was highly recommended to me. =D

My parents are goofballs! They are nice people, I think would definetly be friends with them. haha

I'd leave behind snakes I shiver everytime I see'em!
ronda said...
Yes, I think I would be friends with my parents.

I do know how to get the skunk smell out for the skunk-a-phobs.
Captain Dumbass said...
CATS!!! *sniff*

Parents? One of them.
Girl Interrupted said...
Hey :) here via Hit40 ... cool blog!

I'd leave camels, they're bad tempered, they spit and smell reeeally bad

I would be friends with my mum, she's lovely.
Happy Hour...Somewhere said...
Cool tunes...Voodoo is appropriate for all the people who wanted snakes booted off the boat.

Do you remember the episode of Twilight Zone *cue scary Rod Serling voice* where you get gobs of money for pushing the red button? The catch is someone, somewhere dies? What if after being stupid and building the ark too small, it is decided that we don't get to pick but the cats and rats get to pick? And they don't pick us? I have my flotation device ready just in case.

As for my parents...all I could think was I'm not sure my kids would pick ME. *sigh* Maybe when they are geezers they will appreciate me.
Tara said...
lol I just made the connection
kailani said...
I would leave the alligators. They scare me with all those teeth.
Medora said...
I was going to say spiders, but they are rather necessary . . . I'll go with rats. I adore snakes, and I love alligators . . . WHO SAID CATS??!!!

As for my parents . . . I'd leave my mom behind - oops, I'm mixing up the questions, aren't I?