Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be happy and gay, it's alright by me

"Gay marriage makes a mockery of traditional marriage"

God, I hate that statement. Wake up society.  Traditional people have been making a mockery of traditional marriage for years.

There are tons of websites devoted to unhappy people having discreet affairs.

 Divorce is a common occurrence and half of the people who stay together are just going through the motions anyway.

Shit, most of the people I know are on second and third

And then there's the crap about it being an abomination before God. Wouldn't that be for God to judge in the end?

And what does God have to do with marriage anyway?  The traditional people have taken it away from him.  Marriage is no longer a religious union.  God doesn't issue wedding licenses and give tax breaks to married couples.  God doesn't grant lawyers and judges the power to dissolve those who have been joined by the rules and regulations of their governing state.

As a whole, people bend religion and politics to suit their needs at the moment.  When positive benefits present themselves as a result of matrimony, then people control marriage.  When someone feels threatened because two people of the same sex honestly love each other, then they dump it back in God's lap.

Consistency is what we need people! Is it God's will or government policy?

 Do I want to see two men kiss? Not really. But I would never infringe upon their right to do so. It's not my place to judge.

We live in a world where two people can hate each other and still get married, but two people who honestly love each other can be banned from doing so.

What this rant stems from is a sign in my neighbors yard urging people to vote on the marriage act to keep marriage traditional.  In my mind, no matter how you slice it, that is basically saying, "I don't like gay people."

When you see footage from the sixties where old geezers with crew cuts are speaking out against civil rights while African Americans are getting blown away on city streets with high powered jet nozzles, you say,"Oh my ignorant where those people back then?" Mark my words, in twenty years or so, the people crying about gay marriage now will be viewed in the same light.  The best thing about having a narrow mind is that there's always room for expansion.

The bottom line:

Let people live and be happy....after all, the original definition of gay was just that.

If it doesn't directly affect your life, then mind your own fucking business.

Remember, God didn't appoint you God....and that includes you, Rush.


ChiTown Girl said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Back in January, I posted a little something I "borrowed" from another blogger. In case you missed it...

Brian Miller said...

amen brother...i like to mess with the straight laced republican christians that are anti abortion, anti gay marriage but pro gun...fairly certain they kill more people...hey we are all just oxy morons right...or maybe just people and its about time we realized that...

otin said...

I just think don't think that we have the right to judge on issues like this.

Vicky said...

Great post. We are not the judge and jury of other peoples lives.

Lisa Regan said...

Best. Post. Ever.

"We live in a world where two people can hate each other and still get married, but two people who honestly love each other can be banned from doing so."

I love that part. Cause most people I know who are married DO hate each other. There was a comedian who said that gay people should have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us!

But in all seriousness, I agree wholeheartedly with you!

Tom said...

mega dittos!

the walking man said...

So when the fiery fierce flames of hell are scorching your feet for the fecund production of this filthy post found fouling the fool who wrote it, we the sanctimonious self chosen self righteous members of all religions will mock and scorn your liberal application of the term marriage as you rot away on your gay heaven. on't sweat it O there will be a billion or so right there with us warming ourselves by the fire.

Jaysus we all say let love rule and love your neighbor as you would be loved yourself then we start to add the homosexual love, no love left for the disabled, retired or them who need food assistance or just never caught a break and got themselves elected to a public office so they could make the rules.

The only fucking thing wrong with humanity is we over the course of decades have taken the human out of the word and substituted shit for it.

Take thee to thy neighbors lawn sign and plant a rainbow flag next to it.

AmyLK said...

You said it! Let everyone live their own life!

ReformingGeek said...

Amen. I think all unions should be recognized as binding, legal unions and subject to the rules and regulations designed for unions. Let churches do what they want to do within their church. Churches should not control civil unions.

Yes, there is way too much judgment in this world already.

Grand Pooba said...

As the child of a Gay Father I say AMEN!!!

Annika said...

I totally agree with what you're saying. And people always think they have the right to judge others for some strange reason. That's just not right.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Love Walking Man's comment, lol! Self righteous prigs are the pits.

AngelMay said...

Ha! You really ARE a darling boy. It blows my mind how people can call themselves religious and Christians and then proceed to hate, discriminate, and exhibit such bigotry toward people who have never done a thing to them. At the time I write this, the vote in NC is over. If I lived there, I would move. If I ever have a choice of doing business there or somewhere else - I will choose somewhere else. What a crying shame for North Carolina to announce their small-minded hatreds to the rest of the world.

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

Great post.
There are ten whole commandments in the bible and none of them mention homosexuality, meaning there are at least ten things that piss god off more than gay sex. Once you get done taking away basic human rights from people who don't keep the Sabbath, disrespect their parents, and covet their neighbors' goods, then we can talk about denying rights to the gays...
Except no we can't because this is not a theocracy. Pretty sure the founders were unequivocal about that one.

Anonymous said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT POST!! Great comments! I love the way you think!!