Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A new thriller from a friend

 While I'm waiting for my second novel to come out, a friend of mine is about to release her second!

Lisa Regan has a new psychological thrillerAberration, coming out on June 6th. To celebrate, she will be hosting a Blog Hop on June 6-7 called The Aberration Blog Hop: Finding the Most Aberrant Characters.  "All you have to do is list your top 5 choices for the most aberrant (i.e. abnormal or freakish) characters in fiction, television or movies. Also, if you're a writer, you can then include a short paragraph about who you think is the most aberrant character from your own work."

There will be prizes! 

You can visit Lisa on her website by clicking on the image below.

By the way, if You haven't read her first novel, Finding Claire Fletcher, you really should. Talk about's about a woman who grew up in captivity and her fear of leaving her abductor. Creepy being that it came out last year, long before the three girls in the news.

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Brian Miller said...

dang...thanks for the hit on the books brother...will be in NC on friday but only in ashboro...not close enough...smiles.