Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing, editing, working, and very little time to read :(

In the past few months I have been doing a juggling act between writing a new book and editing two others.
Although I'm actually not a voracious reader by any means, I usually manage to sneak one in every now and then...just not this year.

I have, however accumulated a few of them as of late.

At the top is Finding Claire Fletcher, by a fellow author and friend, Lisa Regan. This one I read before it was published, or edited, and it was still a fantastic read. If you've ever followed cases where abducted women feel compelled to stay with their captors, even when they have a chance to run, then you should love this.  For more information on her books, click on her name.

The second book on my board is called False Memory, by Dan Krokos. I won this book in a contest run by literary agent and shark enthusiast, Janet Reid. Although I haven't had time to sit down and read anything, the premise of this book is right up my alley! You can read about it HERE.
The third book is called The Mistaken by Nancy S. Thompson. Once again, I have yet to settle down in my nice warm bed without being able to do anything but fall asleep, but one of these days I'll amass a little free time. Anyway, I have it on very reliable sources that this book is fantastic as well! If you enjoy thrillers, you should read about it by clicking on her name.

And lastly, Letters to Gavin by Kathy S. Elias. Kathy is a long-time friend who actually didn't even seek a publisher if my memory serves me correctly. She started a cute blog for her Grandson. She had to take his dog in and he missed the beloved pooch, so the dog(really Gramma) wrote letters to the boy so he wouldn't be sad. Now, I haven't read all of it, but what I have read is very cute, and I honestly think it appeals to more than just children. You can visit Kathy's blog and read all about it. I didn't find a link for the book info, but you could always email her if you're interested.

 Any of these would make a nice Christmas gift!


Brian Miller said...

cool. i knew of kathy's but none of the others...good finds then and of course i am waiting on one from you...smiles.

the walking man said...

Even retired i read about almost as much as you do when it comes to books O. But that dog one sounds like it night be good for my 1st grader. Checkin' that one out.

Lisa said...

I think my fingers have forgotten how to turn pages, they only know how to slide and tap. Otin, when and if you ever come visit me, please scroll down to Oh I Miss You post, I made the video for you. It is a tribute to my blog friends, and also to a time of blogging joy that we shared.

Lisa (oceangirl)

Lisa Regan said...

THANK YOU!!!! I never would have made it through submissions for FCF without you!!!

CiCi said...

I am always ready to hear book recommendations, I read a lot. Really, A LOT.